Celebrate Messiah NZ Simcha

Simcha is a Hebrew word meaning JOY, and there’s no missing the fact that it’s something God has in mind for His children! SIMCHA 2017 was a joy-filled gathering of believers in Yeshua (Jesus) who enjoy worship and teaching from a Jewish perspective — which is certainly relevant considering the Jewish roots of our Scriptures, our Saviour, and our Salvation (John 4:22).

Lessons from the Prophet Daniel

 Cosmically apocalyptic. Wildly political. Dangerously prophetic.

Regardless of your attitude toward the writings of the Prophet Daniel, there is no denying the profound impact they have made over the centuries.

The conference included encouraging and challenging messages from the book of Daniel by our CMNZ staff, as well as testimonies, ministry updates, and a concert of prayer.

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