Teresa Thomas with Celebrate Messiah NZ




Our month started in Invercargill, where we led a Concert of Prayer. There is so much ministry “work” happening, but apart from the Spirit of God, “he who labours, labours in vain”! (Psalm 127:1) This is one of the main reasons I’m here — to gather the prayer troops! And gather, we did! We had a wonderful evening: I shared testimonies from my coworkers in the field at the Zula and Yellow House, spent an hour in prayer and worship, and then each person went home with a prayer list to pray throughout their week. We also held a Concert of Prayer in Christchurch, outgrowing our space at our first meeting! We had 30 Christians gather, all with hearts to pray for Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people. The host also invited 5 Israelis guests to join us during our “prayer for Israel” segment, and they were all in tears, seeing Christians pray for them and for their homeland. “I can’t believe I got to be a part of this on my last night in New Zealand”, one of them said, with tears in her eyes. They were so blessed seeing believers care for them in prayer.

We have also had the opportunity to host more Israelis, and Michael helped *Roi change the brakes on the car he had purchased! *Roi was terrified when he arrived in NZ. He is very shy, and has never “done anything on his own”. He decided to come to NZ to face his fears – travelling alone, buying a car, bungy jumping! He asked me so many questions about Jesus, and why we “do what we do”. All our travellers have open hearts to the gospel — please pray they turn their hearts to the Lord!

We also hosted another BBQ Outreach in New Brighton, where we offer free burgers and share a short gospel presentation. We had guests from Denmark, the Netherlands, Philippines, Canada, China, Germany, the UK and an American from North Carolina, and many of our free books and Bibles on our resource table were taken! *Anna, from Amsterdam, still sends me texts on WhatsApp, so I’m grateful for the continued communication! Thank you for your prayers and support, for which we are truly grateful!