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For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense will be offered to my name, and a pure offering. For my name will be great among the nations, says the LORD of hosts.
Malachi 1:11 ESV


The last two months have again flown by since our last newsletter, and a lot has happened including having attended the 5-week intensive Bible training camp at Camp Shoshanah in upstate New York. There was a real sense at the camp of God drawing people from all over the world, to be light bearers for him. With people from Liberia, China, France, England, Germany, Canada, Japan, Sweden, NZ, Australia, Costa Rica, Israel, Switzerland, PNG and the US, of course.  Some of these people are from countries with low percentages of Christians anyway, and so to see them being brought to this remote location to receive the quality of Bible teaching they were getting was a real insight into how God is working globally to bring people to a right knowledge of his word and plans.

Friends from some of the many nations present at camp
(Liberia, PNG, Sweden, Canada, Japan) 


The trip to the states included a train trip, a car trip, five flights, a bus trip and a ferry trip, along with a 40-hour Friday (so I was thankful when it was Saturday). All this was to get to Camp Shoshanah in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

The last time I went four years ago I had been surprised to be asked to speak on the 1st Sunday. This time I went prepared. But the first Saturday came and went and initially I thought that the message would not be required. But on Sunday morning we received the call that our brother Simon who was to run the music team had been stopped at the border (due to increased tensions between the US and Canada). So, I was asked to speak.

At the same time, two young men Tim & Edwin (who were first-timers at camp) were being shoulder-tapped to help out with the music. So the music team on that first Sunday consisted of a Liberian, a young man from Coolville, Ohio, and me. God was gracious and our voices harmonized well, showing the unity God can bring from diversity. Long story short I was asked to fill the very large shoes of Simon to coordinate and organize the music and take over his other responsibilities.

I had thought I was going to listen, learn, relax and read books, but God had other plans. He wanted me to grow. Again he was very gracious and supplied the key people including Simon’s daughter Ariane and resources to ensure that the job got done in a way that honoured him.  


By the end of the 5 weeks at camp, we had received 120 hours of intensive Bible teaching, which is more than 2 years’ worth of Sunday morning teaching, which I had expected. Along with that, I had helped organize the equivalent to at least a years’ worth of Sunday music which I hadn’t expected. I had also been asked to speak to the teens on the topic of the man of the word. So as you can imagine the time went very quickly and it didn’t seem long before I was heading home.

I want to thank all those who helped make the trip possible, and also the Lord who provided so graciously, in so many different ways. And I greatly appreciate those who supported Nicola and the kids while I was away. 

Since returning home I have had the opportunity to share with my home church (Coast Community Church) about my adventures as well as give a small taste of the teaching we received.

Messianic Music Team


The Lord continues to give increase and there are many chances to serve him throughout the coming months (see dates below). Both Nicola and I will be attending the annual staff meeting at the Zula in Wanaka the first week of September. It is exciting to be able to take Nicola with me for the first time. As I have always felt this has been about God calling us as a couple to serve him in this ministry.

Although her time is currently limited being busy looking after four kids, she’s currently helping run the Kapiti Israeli Dance group. When the time is right we hope she will be able to take on further ministry-related roles. So, her attending the staff meeting helps make that more of a reality. 

3-6th September – Annual Staff meeting at Zula Wanaka 
9th September 7 pm – Moera Gospel Hall Lower Hutt –  Gospel Meeting
11th September 7 pm – Vivian Street Gospel Hall Wellington – Joshua 5:1-12
16th September 10 am – Wainuiomata Gospel Chapel – Acts 9:1-31
23rd September 10 am – Wainuiomata Gospel Chapel – Acts 9:32 -11:18 
30th September 11 am – Jesusrules Ministries – Messiah: Prophet Priest & King
30th September  8 pm – Waihi Salvation Army – The Gospel in the Feasts  

14th October 10 am – Coast Community Church, Paraparaumu – How We Enter the Body of Christ
14th October 6:30 pm – Coast Community Church, Paraparaumu – Evening of Prayer and Worship with Teresa Thomas 
28th October 6 pm – Mansfield St Gospel Hall, Newtown, Wellington – Gospel Meeting 


Celebrate Messiah has events scheduled all over the country, and new events are added continually.  Check out our calendar for upcoming events that may interest you. You can filter the results to find events in your area, and subscribe to be notified of new events by email.


  • Praise the Lord for safe travel to and from the States.
  • Pray for Nicola who is struggling with her stress levels at the moment, that the Lord might provide through his peace and in other practical ways.
  • Pray for us as parents as we work through the various aspects of having children with autism so that we can help ensure that both Levi and Emberlea get the best possible support.
  •  Pray that God might provide an increase in resources so that we can continue to spend more time serving him with CMNZ and not have to rely on self-employment work.
  • Pray for the Lord to raise up suitable people for a small support team to provide accountability and support for the ministry work that Nigel is undertaking in the North Island. 


Currently, Nigel is able to be supported for 25 hours a week by CMNZ, as long as God raises up those who will support this work financially.  Are you interested in supporting this vital ministry?  You can safely donate by direct bank payment, cheque, or credit card.  Please choose Nigel Christensen as the Special Designation. All donations will be receipted by CMNZ, and are recognised by IRD for tax credit.