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And they went and found it just as he had told them, and they prepared the Passover. And when the hour came, he reclined at table, and the apostles with him. And he said to them, “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.
Luke 22:13-15 ESV


The Lord has continued to open numerous opportunities to serve Him and has divinely provided for us so that these could be undertaken. We have just returned from a 2-week deputation in the North Island during the school holidays and the whole family came along. The Lord was incredibly gracious and we were blessed to have believers provide accommodation for our family for the entire 2 week period so that we did not have to pay for a single night!  This really encouraged us in our endeavors to serve him, knowing that we have such an amazing God who can meet our every need. 

God has increased our opportunities to serve Him through the ministry of CMNZ, through leading Passover Seders and demonstrations which point to Christ as well as Bible teaching from a Messianic perspective. He is opening doors to churches throughout the North Island. Seldom have they heard the kind of teaching we provide, which clearly links the OT to the person and work of Christ (John 5:29). The increase in opportunities means that more time is needed each week, but currently 2 days a week are needed to be set aside for self-employment work. So, we would value your prayers for the Lord to provide the resources needed for us to be able to work with Celebrate Messiah NZ full time. 

Passover tablePassover Table at Glendowie Presbyterian Church

March 2018

In March we concluded Part One of the Life of Messiah at Coast Community Church. A big thank you to all those who assisted in helping to organize the event and provide the meals!

Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum visited New Zealand including a stop off in the Wellington Area. During his visit, I was offered and was honoured to accept, having received the blessing of Celebrate Messiah NZ,  a role on the board of Ariel Ministries NZ. I have had a long association with Ariel and so I am pleased to be able to partner with them moving forward. As our Director puts it, regarding liked minded organizations, CMNZ is a “ministry without walls”.

I spoke at my home church on John 21 and the restoration of Peter.

Toward the end of March Nicola and I flew to Auckland to run a Passover Seder at Glendowie Presbyterian, followed the next day by a Passover in Bucklands Beach at All Nations Foursquare Church. On Good Friday I was able to also share about the Passover with Waihi Baptist Church.

April 2018

The month started on Easter Sunday.  I helped narrate a dramatized (we all wore costumes) interactive event at my home church which was a journey from the Passover to the cross and the empty tomb. It was really helpful for people to see how the Passover fits in relation to the death and resurrection of our Lord. The following weekend I led another Passover Seder at St Barnabas Presbyterian in Plimmerton.

The last two weeks in the North Island included a Passover presentation and a sermon at the River of Life Church in Turangi on how the seven feasts of Leviticus 23 point to Christ,  I also spoke at Whitianga Baptist and Raetihi Gospel Hall the following two weekends. 

Passover Seder at St Barnabas Presbyterian ChurchPassover at St Barnabas Presbyterian Church, Plimmerton


Coming up I will be teaching (assisted by Matt Lord) the Life of Messiah Part 3 starting May 6th at Broderick Rd, Johnsonville. This will be on each Sunday night (apart from Queen’s Birthday weekend) during Term 2. It runs from 6:30-8: 30 pm and includes a light meal.

There will also be speaking opportunities at Newtown and Tawa Gospel Halls, as well as the Kapiti Marksmen Mens Group. Also a reminder that during term 2 the Kapiti Israel Dance group meet each Tuesday night at Coast Community Church starting 7:15 pm ($2 per session).  


Celebrate Messiah has events scheduled all over the country, and new events are added continually.  Check out our calendar for upcoming events that may interest you. You can filter the results to find events in your area, and subscribe to be notified of new events by email.


  • Pray for Nicola’s mental and physical health, especially in light of the fact that Nigel is due to be away in the States for 6 weeks midway through 2018. 
  • Pray for wisdom that we don’t add anything that shouldn’t be included regarding the ministry work, or avoid anything that should be included.
  • Praise the Lord for providing accommodation while we were on deputation and for the numerous opportunities to serve him with Passover demonstrations and Bible teaching.
  • Pray that God might provide an increase in resources so that we can spend more time serving him with CMNZ and less time having to do other self-employment work. 


Currently, Nigel is able to be supported for 25 hours a week by CMNZ, as long as God raises up those who will support this work financially.  Are you interested in supporting this vital ministry?  You can safely donate by direct bank payment, cheque, or credit card.  Please choose Nigel Christensen as the Special Designation. All donations will be receipted by CMNZ, and are recognised by IRD for tax credit.