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So… What were you doing on this day, ten years ago?

Normally, I couldn’t tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday!  But as I write this, my mind is recalling even the fine details of this magnanimous day back in 2008.  Because ten years ago on this very day Margie and I, along with our four youngest children, boarded a one-way flight to our craziest adventure to date: New Zealand!

visionWell, that’s what people were telling us, anyway.  “Are you crazy?  New Zealand?  With no certainty of where you’ll live, what you’ll do, and whether or not they’ll even allow you to stay?  Have you totally lost your mind??”  And the answer, of course, was yes.  I’d lost my mainstream mindset in a gale-force vision that swept away every trace of conventionality.  I was smitten by the idea of reaching Israelis at the ends of the earth.

10 years later (today) I find it hard to grasp how we got to where we are.  By God’s amazing grace, we have a first-rate staff, multiple outreach centres, inspiring volunteers, faithful prayer partners, generous donors, a wise and empowering Board, and best of all, a ministry that has touched virtually thousands of Israeli souls with the Good News of Yeshua.

As for the coming decade, I can’t wait to see what the Almighty will accomplish!  As you may recall, we have been asking the Lord for an outreach facility in or near Te Anau, which is a strategic bullseye for Jewish evangelism in New Zealand.  Every summer, hoards of Israeli travellers pass through this region on the way to and from NZ’s most popular tracks.  If we were able to provide accommodation for them, it would have the potential of touching thousands more Jewish souls with the Gospel!

manapouri-signEarlier this year I asked you to pray about an excellent facility in Manapouri that is currently on the market, and which we hope to purchase for the purpose of declaring Messiah to Israel’s lost sheep. To date, we have raised only 10% of the needed funds, therefore we are not in a position to make an offer to the owner of the property.   We take stewardship seriously, and since our ministry operates on a tight budget, we are reluctant to take a large loan for fear of incurring debt that we cannot carry.    

Would God use you to participate in this Kingdom venture?  Let us know if you would like more information.  And as always, thank you for standing with us for the salvation of Israel!

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Simcha 2018 What God is Doing in Israel Today

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Our guest speaker at Simcha this year will be Wayne Hilsden, co-founder of King of Kings Community Jerusalem, and Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM).  Our theme this year is The Restoration of All Things: What God is doing in Israel Today.  

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