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Do you know the feeling, after a long day at work, of wanting to come home to nothing but dinner and bedtime?

It was one of those days.  My brain and my body were screaming for rest and I was giddy over the prospect of a quiet dinner and a long, holy communion with my pillow.  So perhaps you’ll understand my disappointment upon returning home and finding yet another bright-eyed Israeli guest sitting at our dining room table.

Ok, I know that sounds terrible.  After all, that’s my job, right? – to minister to the thousands of Israelis travelling through NZ.  But sometimes it’s nice to punch out, leave work, come home and just chill.  However, that’s not the life we signed on to, especially during the summer, when we’ll have up to 20 Israelis at a time hanging out with us at the camp and in our home.  So, I murdered the twinge of resentment my flesh was feeling about this newest guest and enthusiastically greeted him.

It was only moments before I was enamoured with Yoni, a 29-year old med student, and thankful he had ruined my (selfish) plans for an uneventful evening.  He had heard that I was a Jewish believer in Jesus, and came to our camp specifically to hear more. “Please tell me how you came to believe what you believe,” he said with sincere enthusiasm.  I shared my testimony, focusing on my former battle with the sickness of sin which I was powerless to win without a Saviour. 

The next morning Yoni showed up unexpectedly in the middle of our private Bible study and devotions.  “I need to speak with you privately,” he pleaded, with a sense of urgency in his voice.  Yoni followed me to another room and said, with tears in his eyes, “If only I could stay here longer to learn more about God and spirituality.  This is one of the reasons I am travelling: I know that I have a problem inside that I cannot solve, and I need answers.  I sense that this may be the answer.”

These are the moments that define the reason for Celebrate Messiah’s existence here in NZ. Once again last summer, the Lord gave us well over 1000 opportunities to personally share the Gospel with Israelis at the Zula Lodge, our camping ground, and our newest facility, The Yellow House.  God is building this work through your prayers and financial support, for which we are deeply grateful.



For years, we have heard the longing of many of our constituents for Bible training from an Hebraic perspective. We are excited to announce the imminent launch of ISSACHAR MINISTRY TRAINING ACADEMY, which will provide Bible training from a literal, historical, and Hebraic perspective.  IMTA’s Principal is our beloved board member Peter Whitcombe, pastor of Jesus First Church in Auckland.  CMNZ and Ariel NZ are privileged to partner with Jesus First in this inspiring new venture. 

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One of our great joys at CMNZ is partnering with other like-minded organisations in NZ!  Our dear friends Ken & Mary Taylor from PRAYER FOR ISRAEL NZ, Derek McDowell from ICEJ-NZ, and CHOSEN PEOPLE MINISTRIES are planning tours to Israel.  We enthusiastically recommend these opportunities.

ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles Tour (Oct 4-19, 2017)

Living Stones Tour (Mar/Apr 2018)

CPM Israel’s 70th Tour (Jul 6-12, 2018)


And this year it’s coming to more cities than ever before, so be sure to save the date for the Simcha conference nearest you:

Auckland  (25 Nov)

Christchurch (26 Nov)

Palmerston North (2 Dec)

Wellington (3 Dec)

This year’s SIMCHA will focus on the elegant art of Disciple Making, which is the primary reason we believers remain on the earth!

We have other events scheduled all over the country, and new events are added continually.  Check out our calendar for upcoming events that may interest you. You can filter the results to find events in your area, and subscribe to be notified of new events by email.

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