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TEN YEARS??  Is it even possible we’ve been in New Zealand that long?  It seems like yesterday that Margie and I were making those initial appeals, asking God if He would countenance the launch of a New Zealand ministry to Israeli travelers.  Yet here we are, a decade later, with a boatload of evidence that God’s answer was “YES!!”

Ten years.  Now, those of you who send anniversary cards know that 10 is the “tin and aluminum anniversary.”  Boring.  Until I asked Rabbi Google, “why tin and aluminum?”  His answer: Tin and aluminum represent tough, yet resilient.  Hey, I’m ok with that!

We certainly needed to be tough in the beginning, and resilience was repeatedly the need of the hour.  Those of you who interceded for us may remember that we faced some unusual challenges when we first arrived, including the threat of deportation, because Immigration NZ couldn’t wrap their heads around our stated reason for being here.  “Share the Gospel with Israelis in New Zealand?  Do you really expect us to believe that?”

We scaled that barrier, only to be met with new forms of resistance from all sides: Christians with anti-Zionistic beliefs and Jewish anti-missionary efforts aimed directly at us, to name a few.  But God blessed our work and it grew.  With the expansion of the ministry came vicious assaults from hell that wounded some of our faithful staff members (remember: any effort to bless Jewish people with the Gospel is an invitation for spiritual warfare!).  But as usual, God rendered beauty from ashes, and our Gospel witness among Israelis and other international backpackers continued to flourish as our staff and facilities expanded.

So on this, our “tin and aluminum anniversary,” we celebrate 10 years of toughness and resilience.  But here’s the rub:  I’m not all that tough, and I’m about as resilient as a cricket bat.  And while part of me would like to take some credit for the growth and success this ministry has enjoyed in recent years, I feel like Paul who “…in weakness, in fear and in much trembling” demonstrated the all-sufficiency of the Spirit “that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” (1 Cor. 2:3-5).

Beloved partner, your crucial role in this first decade of our NZ ministry cannot be overstated!  I contributed weakness, fear and trembling which, when combined with your faithful intercession and support, pulled down enemy strongholds and claimed Jewish souls for the Kingdom of our God!

We love and appreciate you for your continued support.  Happy Anniversary!



For years, we have heard the longing of many of our constituents for Bible training from an Hebraic perspective. We are excited to announce the imminent launch of ISSACHAR MINISTRY TRAINING ACADEMY, which will provide Bible training from a literal, historical, and Hebraic perspective.  IMTA’s Principal is our beloved board member Peter Whitcombe, pastor of Jesus First Church in Auckland.  CMNZ and Ariel NZ are privileged to partner with Jesus First in this inspiring new venture. 

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Jesus commissioned us to “make disciples.” But precisely what does that mean? And how does one do it?

Please join Celebrate Messiah NZ director, Scott Brown, for a one-day interactive seminar that explores the Biblical model of intentional disciple-making, with an emphasis on practical “nuts and bolts” application.

It will be challenging, motivating, and riveted to the very reason we believers remain on the planet: To make reproducing, fully functioning disciples of Jesus.

Workbooks will be provided, so please register by 25 April.

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