• Al-Jazeera (Photo:Reuters)
    Shutting down Al-Jazeera
    The Danish Union of Journalists appealed to Israel's Ambassador to Denmark not to shut down Al-Jazeera's Jerusalem offices, saying, 'It is not in the interests of your fellow Israeli citizens to reduce the freedom of the press.' Israel said this week it would close the TV station's bureau, revoke its journalists' press credentials and block its transmission. Pray that Israel and her neighbours will all freely hear the Word of God and not the lies of the Enemy.
  • Rivlin-Merkel
    Rivlin and Merkel to Meet
    President Reuven Rivlin will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin in September and is expected to smooth tensions related to Germany's decision to freeze the sale of several submarines. Pray Israel will call on God to be her security.
  • Border-Crossing
    Gazan Travellers Face New Security Restrictions
    New Israeli restrictions on Palestinians exiting the Gaza Strip, including a ban on laptop computers, hard-shell suitcases and even shampoo and toothpaste, have further disrupted travel for the few who are allowed to cross the border into Israel. Israel has in the past stated its fears that explosive devices could be smuggled in using such electronic items. Such bans and restrictions have been enacted in the US and EU countries due to intelligence indicating that terror groups such as ISIS have used them to smuggle explosives. Pray God will bring about His promised safety for Israel.

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