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  • Arab Christians in IDF
    IDF Helps Christian Israeli-Arab Soldiers Serve their Country
    The IDF has launched a unique program for Israeli-Arab Christians which enables them to integrate into the army and serve their country. The Nachshon Platoon consists of 24 Arabic-speaking Christians who volunteered to join the IDF based on one motivation: to contribute to the State of Israel. The motivated soldiers began their military service with a three-week preparatory program at the Michve Alon training base in Israel’s north to overcome their biggest challenge: Hebrew. “The platoon is going to open a door for the whole Arabic-speaking Christian community,” Lt. Gardi, the course commander said. “Since its establishment, the IDF has been the people’s army, serving as a way to bring together all the different communities in Israel to meet,” concluded Lt. Col. Dorit Maoz,  the Michve Alon Base commander. “We all have a common house within the IDF, with mutual values, responsibility, and caring for each other.” Israel is the only safe haven for Christians in the Middle East, while their numbers diminish as a result of Muslim persecution in all other areas of the region. Pray that this group will know the Lord's strength and protection and that their love for God and each other will be a witness to many.
  • Israeli water tech
    Netanyahu Offers to Save Iranian Lives with Israeli Water Tech
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered the Iranian population Israel’s assistance in helping save “countless Iranian lives” with its water technological expertise.  In his remarks in a video clip posted on Facebook with Farsi subtitles, Netanyahu detailed his plans to launch a Farsi website explaining how Iranian farmers can recycle their wastewater. “Millions of Iranian children are suffering due to mismanagement, incompetence and the theft of vital resources by the Iranian regime,” he said, explaining that the shortcomings caused by Tehran could be compensated by utilizing Israeli technology and solutions. Israel has the know-how to prevent environmental catastrophe in Iran. I want to share this information with the people of Iran. Sadly, Iran bans Israelis from visiting, so we’ll have to get creative,” he continued. “The Iranian regime shouts death to Israel. In response, Israel shouts: Life to the Iranian people,” he added as he wrapped up the 2-minute clip. Pray that God will bless this generous act and save many people.
  • Iran's Anti-Israel Rally
    Anti-Israel Rally in Iran
    Tens of Thousands of Iranians took part in anti-Israel rallies across the country to mark Jerusalem Day, also known as Al-Quds Day, chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America", while burning the Israeli flag. Demonstrators protested what they called Israel’s "occupation" of Jerusalem as well as the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Palestinians want East Jerusalem for their future capital. Iran does not recognize Israel and openly espouses its desire to destroy it. Some Iranians, however, launched a Twitter campaign to express support for Israel and to show that the Iranian people do not back the regime and its hatred towards the Jewish state. Tens of thousands of Iranians tweeted with the hashtag #WeStandWithIsrael. Pray that the nations will know that the Lord is the Holy One of Israel.
  • PM Netanyahu and Chancellor Angela Merkel (hoto: Reuters)
    Netanyahu Raises Alarm over Iran Nuclear Plan
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a tour to persuade Britain, France and Germany to follow Washington's lead in scrapping the accord that they signed with Tehran in 2015. Israel argues that Iran has duped the West and plans to use the break from sanctions to build up its financial reserves before returning to its nuclear plans. "The day before yesterday Ayatollah Khamenei, the ruler of Iran, declared his intention to destroy the State of Israel. Yesterday he explained how he would do this with the unrestricted enrichment of uranium in order to produce an arsenal of nuclear bombs," Netanyahu said in a video statement on Twitter.  Pray that Israel will turn to their God to defend and protect her.
  • Fire in Be'eri Forest
    Rivlin Calls on Abbas to Speak Out Against Gaza Kite Terrorism
    Israeli President Reuven Rivlin urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to speak out against the incendiary kites coming from Gaza and attempts to infiltrate Israel from the strip.  Several fires broke out in communities near the Gaza border as a result of incendiary kites being flown from Gaza. Earlier, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said Israeli communities on the Gaza border that suffer damages from incendiary kites will be fully compensated. According to Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, 600 such kites have been sent from the strip so far, while 400 have been intercepted by Israeli security forces using technological means. “Two-hundred succeeded in reaching our territory and they burned 9,000 dunams of crops and forests,” Lieberman said. Pray that the continual struggle with their enemies will cause Israelis to turn to God for protection.
  • Blue and white Celebrations in the Big Apple
    Thousands Celebrate Israel's 70th Anniversary in NY
    Thousands of people joined the festivities held in New York marking Israel's 70th Independence Anniversary.  Participants danced for two hours at Times Square with contemporary Israeli hits playing in the background. At least an hour-long Israeli PR video clip depicting Israel's achievements was shown on the huge screens in central Manhattan. New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, who led the celebration said, "It's very important to stand by Israel at times like these and show our support of it." But not everyone joined the party. A group of people waving Palestinian flags and members of the Neturei Karta sect (ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose secular Zionism and call for the dismantling of the State of Israel) holding signs saying "Israel doesn't represent me" tried to put a damper on the celebrations. Times Square's "Celebrating Israel" street party was created as a joint project of Israel's Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Israeli Consulate in New York.  Pray that God will soon fulfil His promise to reunite the people of Israel in their land in peace that will extend to the whole world.

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