If you wish to make a direct bank payment please choose the appropriate bank account from the list below.  Our bank is ANZ.

06-0941-0205702-00   General Fund
06-0941-0205702-01   Zohar Gonen
06-0941-0205702-01   Yellow House
06-0941-0205702-02   Zula Lodge
06-0941-0205702-03   Nigel Christensen
06-0941-0205702-04   Nita Yager
06-0941-0205702-05   Teresa Thomas
06-0941-0205702-06   Roly Van Noppen
06-0941-0205702-07   Scott Brown

Please type “donation” and your name into the reference box of the bank payment page.

If you are making a direct transfer from a bank outside of New Zealand, you may need to provide a Bank Code or BIC/Swift Code. For each of the accounts, the Bank Code is 06-0941 and the BIC / Swift Code is ANZBNZ22 or ANZBNZ22XXX depending on how many digits your bank requires, and the last 9 digits of the numbers below are the account number. Our Bank is ANZ Bank, Oamaru Branch, 11 Thames Street, Oamaru 9400, New Zealand. Please note that we are only able to provide tax receipts for New Zealand residents.


Please send cheques made out to Celebrate Messiah NZ to:

Celebrate Messiah New Zealand
P.O. Box 8355
Tauranga 3145
New Zealand

Please make sure the cheque includes your name and indicates which account should receive your donation.


If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please ensure we have your current contact information. The easiest way to do that is to click here to fill out a receipt request form. You only need to do this one time.