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Let Us Serve Your Church or Group

We at Celebrate Messiah NZ value the opportunity to be an evangelistic resource to local churches and groups. Our messages & presentations provide a Messianic Jewish perspective, which often has the effect of enhancing the believer’s reverence and love for the Word of God. Our goal is to provide:

  • a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith
  • tools to share the Good News with Jewish friends
  • current, reliable information and prayer points concerning Israel and the Jewish people
  • opportunities for short-term ministry with Celebrate Messiah/Chosen People Ministries.

We don’t charge for the privilege of serving the Body of Messiah.  We trust the Lord to provide for us so we can keep serving you.  If you wish to make a donation to support the ministry of any of our missionaries, that is between you and the Lord.  Any donations will be gratefully received.

Sample Messages & Presentations

The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel

Blowing a shofarThe seven annual feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23) provide a prophetic panorama of God’s wonderful plan of redemption, beginning with the sacrifice of the Lamb (Passover) and resolving with the final ingathering at the end of the age (Feast of Tabernacles).  The feasts may be viewed in a single sermonic overview of the “fulfilled” feasts or may be studied independently.  Below are examples of independent studies:

●  The Unleavened Walk (the Feast of Unleavened Bread – Sanctification)
●  Christ, Our Firstfruits (the Feast of First Fruits — Resurrection)
 How to Be a Pentecostal Believer (a devotional application of the Feast of Pentecost)
 At the Sound of the Trumpet (the Feast of Trumpets — Rapture)
 Christ, Our High Priest and Offering (the Day of Atonement)
●  God in the Center (a devotional application of the Feast of Tabernacles)

Christ in the Passover

Passover symbolsThis sermonic demonstration of the ancient Passover Seder meal powerfully reveals the sacrificial ministry of Jesus as the Lamb of God, and uncovers the roots of the Christian communion, using the very elements God prescribed for the Seder itself.  The demonstration is approximately 50 minutes long and will segue meaningfully into a communion service if desired.  Many churches prefer to host a complete Passover Banquet (Seder), often on a Friday or Saturday evening.  The 2.5-hour banquet is an unforgettable hands-on journey through the “Last Supper,” which was, in fact, the Messiah’s last Passover Seder…until He returns!

God in the Centre

Sukkot - The Feast of Tabernacles

There’s simply no missing the point: God wants to be close to His people.  This devotional survey of the Feast of Tabernacles rehearses this cherished truth and reveals Jesus as the prophetic fulfilment of the Tabernacle itself.

Purim, the Festival of Ironies

PurimThe Biblical festival of Purim is based on the history recorded in the book of Esther, which never makes mention of God! Nevertheless, God’s Divine providence is seen in the narrative’s remarkable twists and ironies, showing His faithfulness in dramatic fashion.

The Prophecy of Hanukkah

Hanukkah menorahMany are unaware of the remarkable history surrounding Hanukkah!  Located (historically) right in the middle of that blank page between the Old and New Testaments, Hanukkah – “The Festival of Lights” – dramatically fulfils many of Daniel’s prophecies, and looks forward to The Light of the World: Jesus.

INTENTIONAL: A Disciple-Making Catalyst

Intentional disciple makingJesus commissioned us to “make disciples.” But precisely what does that mean? And how does one do it? This interactive seminar explores the Biblical model of intentional disciple-making, with an emphasis on practical “nuts and bolts” application.  Challenging, motivating, and riveted to the very reason we Believers remain on the planet:  To make reproducing, fully functioning disciples of Jesus.

For more information about this seminar click one of the links below.

An Introduction to Intentional (A4)

An Introduction to Intentional (Letter)

Israel: Secure and Threatened 

Israeli-flagThe Jewish people are secure in the permanence of God’s covenant promises to Israel but threatened in the context of Satan’s relentless efforts to destroy them.  This message utilizes Old and New Testament prophecies concerning Israel to strengthen the believer’s trust in God’s faithfulness.

Behold The Bridegroom


Have you ever noticed how the Bible sometimes reads like a Bridal magazine?  Why all this talk about a bride and bridegroom, bridesmaids, a wedding, and a marriage supper?  The New Testament scriptures contain many mysterious references to Israel’s ancient wedding ritual.  This message unveils the mystery, encourages the Believer with the hope of our Bridegroom’s imminent return, and challenges you (the Bride of Christ) to prepare for our Lover’s return by living a fully devoted life.

Another Great Commission

Did you know that God’s Word commissions Christians to “provoke the Jews to jealousy” (Romans 11:11) – But why share the Gospel with the Jews?  This message answers the question through the eyes of Biblical prophecy, employing personal anecdotes and equipping the Believer with basic tools for sharing the Gospel with Jewish friends and acquaintances.

The Israel / New Zealand Connection: Jewish Evangelism in Aotearoa

backpackersOnly moments before His glorious ascension from Jerusalem to heaven, Jesus proclaimed that His disciples would be His witnesses “…to the end of the earth.” Is it any surprise that our missionaries in New Zealand, the country situated on the opposite end of the earth from Jerusalem, are having wonderful success in reaching Israelis and other international backpackers? This presentation of our New Zealand work will give new meaning to our Lord’s parting words!

‘I Am Not Ashamed’ — Introducing the Messiah to Our Jewish Friends

This practical seminar is designed to equip students to become confident and competent in sharing the Messiah with Jewish friends and acquaintances. The seminar is highly interactive and can be fashioned to suit your time specifications. Students will learn:

● The Gentile Great Commission
● The evangelistic power of Messianic Prophecy
● The Gospel in the Old Testament
●  Responding to common Jewish objections
●  Semantic sensitivity
●  The basic tenets of Judaism

The Power of Hospitality: Ministering to Israeli Travelers through Open Hearts and Open Homes

hospitalityThe Scriptures are not quiet about the power of hospitality as a mechanism for ministering grace and redemption. In the context of Jewish evangelism, hospitality is more relevant than ever, given the fact that tens of thousands of young Israelis are travelling the world over every year and are happy to receive accommodation from international hosts. Many Israeli travellers have discovered their Messiah Yeshua through the tender influence of Christian hosts. This 4-6 hour seminar is designed to equip and encourage existing or prospective hosts whose influence is designed to “provoke to jealousy” Israel’s lost sheep.

Jewish Evangelism in the “New Age”

new age braceletThe old lies of the New Age are particularly effective among the Jewish people worldwide. What are the tenets of the New Age? Why are the Jews particularly vulnerable to this movement? Why the sudden re-emergence of Kabbalah and other mystical disciplines among secular Jews? These and other related subjects are addressed in this 50-minute presentation.

The Life of Messiah

CrownThe Life of Messiah course shines a bright light on the life of Jesus and the land of Israel during the Second Temple period, interpreting the Gospels from a Messianic Jewish perspective.  We will look at a harmony of the Gospels based on the work of Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum. This course can be done in two parts over approximately 14 1½ hour sessions.

Messiah: Prophet, Priest, & King

jesus-prophet-priest-kingThis message examines the divine office of Messiah and three human offices of prophet, priest and king, and how they are fulfilled by the Lord Jesus Christ in his first and second comings. This will help give a clear biblical picture of the person and work of Jesus and give a deeper appreciation of who he is, what he has done, is doing and will do for the saints.

The Missing Piece in the Jewish Puzzle

Scott Brown NZA Jewish student of evolution moves to the bush country of mid-America to find the “missing piece” to the puzzle of existence. (Scott Brown’s personal testimony)

Is the Church ‘Spiritual Israel?’

Israel in the crosshairsThe popular teaching that Israel has been replaced by the Church is carefully and sensitively explored in this message by focusing on the texts most often cited by those promoting “replacement theology.” This message not only helps the Believer understand the respective roles of Israel and the Church in God’s Plan, it also strengthens his/her reliance on God’s faithfulness.

The Gospel in the Old Testament

Sadly, 75% of the Bible is ignored by most Christians in their proclamation of the Good News. This teaching equips the believer to understand and present the Gospel from the very same texts Jesus, Paul and the Apostles used! Emphasis is on key Messianic prophecies and an outline of the Gospel in the OT.

Perturbing Love

one solid ring and one broken ringGod’s love for unfaithful Israel is unsettling: Who can love a “whoring” spouse? This sermonic journey through the narrative of Hosea unveils the shocking, unspeakable commitment of our Lover, God.

Why Bethlehem?

Star of BethlehemThe prophetic scriptures are pregnant with clues concerning the location of Jesus’ birth. This two-part message explores the Divine reasoning underlying God’s choice of Bethlehem for the delivery of His only begotten Son.

Why the Jews?

Why the Jews?As the mystery of the ‘Seed of the Woman’ unfolds through the prophetic Scriptures, so does the mystery of the Jewish people. Why is the Bible so concerned with the Jewish people? For what have they been ‘Chosen’? Why have the Jews been the target of aggression from so many nations for so many centuries, even to this day?

Counting the Cost

The cost of following JesusJesus was crystal clear on the subject: The rewards of following Him are immeasurable, but so are the costs.  Before taking upon yourself the yoke of discipleship, have you asked yourself: ‘Am I prepared to lose every temporal benefit for the sake of knowing Messiah?  Have I truly counted the cost?’

Special Services:  How Might We Serve You?

classIn addition to ministering in the local church, Celebrate Messiah NZ also partners with schools, mission agencies and seminaries for training purposes. You can schedule a speaker for a chapel service, a class or perhaps be part of your missions’ emphasis fair and conference. This would be a great opportunity for the students to learn more about Jewish missions and how they can participate in short-term ministry in New Zealand, Israel, or the US.

We’re happy to serve your group or church by speaking on other topics, as well:


●  The Holocaust

●  Israel’s Independence (1948)



●  When a Man Loves a Woman

●  God’s Design for Empowering Wives

●  Daughters of Sarah (what happens when women fear)

●  The Roles of Marriage

●  Divorce and Remarriage (comprehensive study, integrating all OT and NT references)

●  Jewish/Gentile intermarriage

●  Risk Reduced Romance (relationships with the opposite sex)



●  The Power of Submission

●  Provocative Fatherhood

●  The Power of Motherhood

●  Shaping Champions for the Lord

●  Parenting Prodigals

●  Discipline That Really Works

●  Sparing Your Child from Hell


The Bible

●  Its Inspiration

●  Its Authority

●  Its Uniqueness

●  Living and Powerful

●  How to Study it

●  Meditating on God’s Word

●  Messianic Prophecy


Church Life 

●  Body Life 101

●  Profile of a Healthy Church

●  Joined Together in the Crucified One (our supernatural unity and how to guard it)

●  Managing Conflict

●  The Torment of Unforgiveness

●  Encouragement That Heals

●  Taming the Tongue

●  False Prophets

●  When Others Fail You

●  Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges (sanctified communication)

●  The Condemning Spirit

●  Receive One Another

●  Building Meaningful Community

●  The Three Faces of “Church” (family, army and organization)

●  How God Shows Up In You (understanding, discovering and releasing spiritual gifts)



●  Building Redemptive Relationships (evangelism)

●  The Great Commission from an Hebraic Perspective

●  Reasons to Believe

●  The Inside Ouch: Fear-Free Evangelism

●  The Cost of Discipleship

●  Training Faithful Men (the power of discipleship)

●  The Unmistakable Marks of a Leader

●  “Make Disciples” – What Does It Mean?

●  Making Disciples “As You Go”

●  Immersing Disciples “In The Name”



●  Entering the Narrow Gate

●  False Evidences of Salvation

●  Justified By Faith Plus Nothing

●  The Offense of the Cross

●  Forgiveness Is Unfair

●  Our Astonishing Inheritance (study of Ephesians 1, emphasis on the believer’s identity) 


Spiritual Growth

●  Taking God Seriously

●  The Spirit Controlled Life

●  How to Receive Blessings

●  Approving What is Excellent

●  Growing in Humility

●  Absolute Surrender

●  Liberty in Christ – How To Lose It

●  The Power of Thanksgiving

●  Be Still

●  Approving What Is Excellent

●  How to Plan Right

●  Why Obey?

●  Letting Go

●  Steps to Stronger Faith

●  Fruits of Commitment

●  Taking Up Your Cross

●  Lessons from Demons (hell’s strategies)

●  Benefits of Fearing God

●  Jesus’ Crowd of Choice

●  Understanding Lordship

●  How to Build Godly Convictions

●  Litmus Test of Growing Faith

●  Shrewd Investments (parable of the unjust steward)

●  The Seriousness of Oaths

●  Forgiveness

●  How to Bring Order into Your Life

●  Nehemiah: The Restoration of the Human Soul

●  Surviving Sovereignty (the purpose behind shame, trials, the “dark night of the soul”, authority, need, trouble, and faithful endurance)

●  The Believer and The Law (avoiding legalism)

●  The Beatitudes

●  The Sermon on the Mount


Spiritual Challenges

●  Why We Lose What Is Precious

●  Little Faith, Big Fears

●  Victory in Captivity (lessons from Daniel on spiritual warfare)

●  Spiritual Leprosy

●  Overcoming A Lean Soul

●  Anatomy of Deception

●  Tomorrow’s Worries (dealing with anxiety)

●  Occupation or Career? (self-centred vs Kingdom-centred work)

●  The Secret Behind Financial Contentment



●  Two Kinds of Powerful Prayer

●  The Place of Prayer

●  Honesty In Prayer

●  Hindrances To Prayer

●  In This Manner, Pray



●  Joy in Worship

●  David’s One Desire

●  The Love of God

●  The Cost of Worship


Old Testament Perspectives on the New Testament Doctrines of:

●  Sin

●  Atonement

●  The Incarnation

●  Resurrection

●  Repentance

●  Sanctification

●  The Body of Christ

●  The End Times

●  The Return of Jesus


Sermons for Special Days

●  Christmas (incarnation, emphasis on OT/Jewish perspective)

●  Easter (resurrection, emphasis on OT/Jewish perspective)

●  Mother’s Day

●  Father’s Day

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