standard-title Short-term Ministry

Short-term Ministry

Celebrate Messiah, together with our partner ministry Chosen People Ministries, offer various short-term ministry opportunities for those wishing to have some “hands-on” experience in Jewish missions.

Are you ready to serve the Lord? Want to learn what matzo ball, mitzvah and Messiah have in common? Do you have a love for God’s Chosen People?

This is a time of great opportunity for believers who have a heart for the Jewish people. Are you one of them? If so, then a short-term experience in Jewish outreach – including evangelism, discipleship, and hands-on training – is for you!

The Great Commission challenge “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16) is just as true today as it ever was – and the opportunities to share the Gospel with Jewish people are greater than ever!

New Zealand Outreach

Our Messiah commanded His disciples to bring the Good News “to the Jew first” (Rom. 1:16) and “to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). There you have it, Jewish evangelism in New Zealand!

In the midst of intense natural beauty at the end of the earth, we will backpack alongside Israelis and other international travellers and share Messiah in relevant and relational ways – engaging in conversations, sharing our own spiritual journeys, and reading Scriptures together with seekers. It’s an amazing opportunity to care for, invest in and share Yeshua with Israeli travellers as you experience the beauty of God’s creation yourself.

This ministry is a partnership between Celebrate Messiah New Zealand and Chosen People Ministries, and usually the teams are made up of participants from Israel, the U.S, Australia and beyond. On Outreach New Zealand you are assured to meet interesting people and build lasting relationships, which is especially easy given the worldwide usage of social networking. This outreach is for ages 18-35 years old.

If you are available to serve for 1-4 weeks, please fill out our Volunteer Application.  If you are available to serve for longer than 4 weeks, please fill out our Intern Application.

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Summer Training & Evangelism Program (STEP)

A whirlwind week of in-depth training, engaging evangelism and Jewish cultural excursions in New York City.

Experience Jewish Missions Australia

In partnership with Celebrate Messiah Australia, our Experience Jewish Missions events are designed to give the participants a “taste” of Jewish ministry and become more familiar with Jewish culture and history. This 3-day mission experience will include:

  • Visiting Jewish museums;
  • A seminar on Jewish evangelism;
  • Attending a synagogue and lecture;
  • Attending a messianic congregation;
  • and of course, eating Jewish food.

This short-term mission experience is designed for all ages.

Outreach Israel

Is there a special place in your heart for Israel? Do you want to be part of ministering on the edge in a place that is desperate for authentic peace? Are you between the ages of 18-35?

Outreach Israel is a short-term missions program designed to bring you face to face with Israelis for the primary purpose of relational evangelism as well as encouraging the local believers in Messiah. Time will be spent in practical activities – like meeting and encouraging believing young people (Jewish and Arabic believers), helping the poor and needy, reaching out to Holocaust survivors, and supporting local messianic congregations. We will be staying in communal accommodation where we will cook together, live together and travel as we minister in the Promised Land. We will also make sure we have some time to play and explore some of the major sites of Israel. The Lord will use you mightily as you reach out to Israelis, hear their stories, and share yours!

Fun in the Son

An educational and evangelistic program in Florida is designed to help you learn the Jewish roots of your faith and put that faith into practical application.

India Outreach

Each year, 40,000 Israelis head to India in search of peace, spirituality, and new experiences. Join us in sharing the message of Messiah with these Israeli travellers.