Israel’s Glorious Future: Redemption in Messiah

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The Lord’s redeeming love is one of the great threads of the story of salvation that is set forth in the prophets. This love is not only for individuals, but also for the nations. And if it is true for the nations, it is certainly true for Israel!

The story of Israel’s redemption is key to the world’s future that is foretold by God. This is why it is given such great attention by the Apostle Paul in Romans 9-11. Yet, as marvelous as Israel’s restoration may be, it does not stand alone. It is part and parcel of the glorious work of renewal that the Lord knew even from before Creation. The Word reveals so much to us about the redemption and blessing of Israel.

Seven Messianic Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled

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God’s work through the history of the Jewish people is an integral part of His plan for all creation. This Bible study will strengthen your faith and could also serve to inspire your small group fellowship to pray for Chosen People Ministries’ staff members and volunteers as they carry out the Biblical mandate for Jewish evangelism. We pray that you too will be inspired to share the Gospel with Jewish people in your own sphere of influence.

The life and ministry of Jesus the Messiah are the fulfillment of a series of covenant promises that the Lord made to the Jewish people – and to the whole world through Him.

Did Jesus Fulfill the Promise of Emmanuel: God With Us?

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Written by Ben Volman

Many of us who grew up in Jewish homes were told, “It’s impossible for God to become a man.” Indeed, the second commandment forbids Israel to fabricate an image of any living thing for worship (Ex. 20:4). But the issue is much more profound. How does God promise to be present with His people?

Isaiah framed the promise in the name of a miraculous child yet to be born: “Emmanu-el” meaning “God with us” (Is. 7:14). The Jewish Scriptures repeatedly show God communicating with His people in human form.

Is Modern Israel a Fulfilment of Prophecy?

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By Mark Ellick

Is modern-day Israel the fulfilment of prophecy? In this article we will consider and evaluate various positions and determine whether it is or not.

A Closer Look at Replacement Theology

man cutting away branch from a treeWhat is “replacement theology”? This theology claims that because of the Jewish people’s disobedience and general rejection of Messiah, God has rejected Israel and replaced it with the church. It asserts that the church is the “New Israel,” and states that the promises made to Israel in the Tenach (Old Testament) have been transferred to the church. Replacement theology also holds that the prophecies in the Tenach regarding a re-gathering of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and the reestablishment of Israel as a nation should be interpreted allegorically, not literally. Thus, replacement theology argues that modern-day Israel is not a fulfilment of prophecy.