Teresa ThomasWorship & Prayer Coordinator

Teresa Thomas is a native of the Washington, DC area and joined Celebrate Messiah NZ as Worship & Prayer Coordinator in November 2017.  From an early age, Teresa loved playing the piano and writing songs. After having trusted Jesus for her salvation, Teresa immediately redirected her talents to playing, singing, and writing songs for the Lord.  She served with several Christian bands, worked as a studio musician, and played for countless weddings and funerals. But, her real passion was musical worship. She was soon asked to lead musical worship for women’s conferences and church-related events in the US and abroad. Teresa has released two CDs: Songs From The Border (as Teresa Acquaviva), and Upon Your Shore, both available on her music website: TeresaThomasMusic.com.  She loves sharing free Musical Devotions with her worldwide list of subscribers to her music blog.

For the first 20 years of Teresa’s life as a believer, she was completely involved in church-related ministry, giving no thought to the apostle Paul’s directive that the gospel should be “to the Jew first.” However, in 2001, Teresa and her husband began attending a Bible study called “Jesus in the Torah” led by a Messianic Orthodox couple in Frederick, MD. She and her husband were the only Gentiles in this 10-member study. One week, the elderly Israeli mother of a member began to recognize Yeshua as her long-awaited Jewish Messiah! Turning to Teresa and Michael she then said, “You are Gentiles, and you know the Jewish Messiah — do you tell my people?” It was at that moment that they made a commitment to make Jewish evangelism a priority! Soon after, they attended a Messianic congregation and Teresa began writing music that reflects the Messianic attributes of Jesus. Teresa has recognized that CMNZ’s mission and purpose uniquely align with the desire of her own heart, and she has now joined the CMNZ team! Teresa has come to NZ with her husband, Michael, and their son, Ian. Their adult son and daughter, Morgan and Chloe, remain in the USA.

Michael and Teresa love to lead God’s people in musical intercession for the people of Israel and the churches of New Zealand.  Teresa also equips and encourages those who are hosting Israelis in their homes  If you would be interested in hosting a gathering of pray-ers in your home or church, or if you are interested in hosting a seminar for hosts, please let us know.

How did God prepare Teresa to move across the world to work with Celebrate Messiah NZ?  Hear Teresa’s story.