Nita YagerAdministrator Church Ministries Coordinator

From the Director, Scott Brown: Having been a missionary for 30 years, I am well aware of the sacred relationship between missionary and supporter.  It may surprise you to know how seriously we take this relationship, and how earnestly we appreciate and depend upon your intercessions and support.  Simply put, without you in the equation, we cannot do what we do for the Kingdom. Now, we who are on the front lines of evangelism have a certain advantage over folks like Nita when it comes to ministry updates with our supporters.  We have stories to tell of our many evangelistic encounters, stories that inspire human interest and motivate our readers to partner ever more deeply with the missionary. But sadly, something profound is missing from these stories, namely, the quiet heroes who – behind the scenes – create the framework that supports the entire mission.  A Harvard business professor calls it “the myth of the superstar,” referring to the habit of CEOs to steal the best performers from their competitors, only to discover (too late) that what enabled the “superstar” to perform so brilliantly was the support system she had in her original environment. Enter, Nita.  In 40+ years of working with teams, I have never experienced a more skilful administrator.  If I were asked to explain our ministry’s sudden improvement in organizational infrastructure, I would point unhesitatingly to Nita’s profound giftedness in this area.  She has singlehandedly strengthened our communications, reporting, data management, church relationships, planning and implementation systems…and all this without the benefit of pre-existing administrative machinery.  Basically, Nita is crafting an organizational environment that is enabling our staff to perform more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Nita needs your prayers. In addition, she needs your financial support if she is to continue the work she has begun.  May I say with the utmost sincerity, you will not find a better investment for the Kingdom of God.

How did God prepare Nita to move across the world to work with Celebrate Messiah NZ?  Hear Nita’s story.