Staff – South Island

Michael & Teresa Thomas have been involved in Messianic ministry for nearly two decades. Michael was brought up in an irreligious home; Teresa was brought up Catholic. Both became born-again in high school and heavily engaged as believers by their early 20s. 

Teresa composes and sets to music Messianic songs, Psalms, praise and hymns and often leads others in traditional and contemporary congregational music. Much of her music can be found on her music blog: TeresaThomasMusic.com. 

Michael has been an Information Technology professional for 25 years and is supporting CMNZ’s technology and social media needs as well as speaking in churches and leading Passover Seders. 

Together they engage in evangelism to Israelis and other international travellers as well as discipleship ministries.  Michael and Teresa immigrated to Christchurch from Washington, D.C. in November 2017 along with their youngest son.

Their older children are active believers in the States.  Michael and Teresa work together to extend prayer, encouragement, and fellowship among the Israeli hosting networks and other Israel related ministries.  They seek to bless Israel directly and by supporting those who also bless Israel. 

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