Anton HeynsVolunteer – Auckland

Anton and Nicky have been blessed with a marriage of nearly 33 years and are the happy parents of three beautiful girls, a son-in-law, and the grandparents of one sturdy little man. They emigrated from South Africa in 2005 and are now living in Wellington where Anton is employed as a legal advisor at Police National Headquarters, while Nicky teaches at a Christian School. Anton has been practising law for 26 years, during which time he has also farmed, served in the army and pastored two churches. He has been in ministry, while tent-making, since he got saved 22 years ago, whether doing motorcycle evangelism, planting and pastoring churches, or simply sharing and teaching God’s word at any opportunity that presents itself. Anton’s particular love for Israel and the Jewish people really took off about seven years ago while teaching through the book of Genesis. Anton is convinced that the time when all Israel will be saved is fast approaching. Israel needs our support and the Jewish people desperately need our love and for us to show them their blessed Messiah. Anton is passionate about bringing this message to as many churches as possible.

Hear Anton share about how God gave him a heart for Israel