Bringing the message of Messiah to the original messengers and equipping the Church to do likewise

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CMNZ staff speak in churches and special interest groups all over New Zealand, helping Christians better understand the context of the Bible. Find out when we’ll be in your area.

Simcha 2020

Palmerston North - Saturday, 14 November

Tauranga - Sunday, 15 November

Dunedin - Saturday, 21 November

Christchurch - Sunday, 22 November

Zohar's Story

Zohar Gonen shares his journey from early childhood in the Soviet Union to Israel to the U.S. where he had an encounter with Jesus (Yeshua), the Jewish Messiah.

Zohar Gonen's Story
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Distance Learning

Watch or listen to messages to help you explore our Christian faith through the lens of the Jewish authors who penned the Bible. Spend some extra time exploring God’s word. Consider sharing these resources with a friend or your church.

Te Anau Outreach

Nearly all of the Israelis visiting NZ will pass through Te Anau at some point in their journey, making it a strategic bullseye for Jewish evangelism.  An accommodation facility in this region would exponentially increase our witness of the Gospel among Israeli travellers.

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We carry hard-to-find books and digital resources to help in your personal study of the Scriptures. Discover God’s plan for both Jews and Gentiles. Learn what the Bible has to say about Israel — past, present, and future. And find practical suggestions for how to share your love for Israel’s Messiah with the Jewish people.

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