Bringing the Message of Messiah to the original messengers and equipping the church to do likewise


Sharing the good news of the Messiah with backpackers in New Zealand


Jesus said the harvest is plentiful (Luke 10:2). We at Celebrate Messiah NZ are labouring in the field by sharing God’s love in a practical way with Israeli and other international visitors to New Zealand.

Equipping those who are hosting Israeli travellers


Hundreds of Christian households in New Zealand are opening their homes to Israeli travellers. We equip these generous hosts with Bibles,  other evangelistic materials, and training in Jewish evangelism.

Training the church in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith


CMNZ assists local Christian groups in exploring the Bible from its original Jewish perspective. This results in a deeper understanding of Israel’s role in God’s plan for global revival, the blessing of nations and the return of Jesus.


We carry hard-to-find books and digital resources to help in your personal study of the Scriptures. Discover God’s plan for both Jews and Gentiles. Learn what the Bible has to say about Israel — past, present, and future. And find practical suggestions for how to share your love for Israel’s Messiah with the Jewish people.

Prayer for Israel NZ
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